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Full VIP Support.

Eliminating Your Pain Points.


We have been listening to what you want and expect from your solutions provider. HipFinity digital payment solutions are created from YOUR vision of what a solution provider should be.

We Got You!

HipFinity truly understands the value and importance of providing you and your merchants with full VIP support.  You deserve solutions that make a difference. With the security of an omni-commerce payment gateway, PCI payment software and hardware,   full deployment services, VIP technical and sales support along with valuable training programs, the Hipfinity teams have got you covered.  


Now you can confidently get done the other thousand items on your to-do list with the peace of mind knowing you're fully supported with Hipfinity. 


Different Results Require
Different Thinking.

We understand that to achieve new results you need to have a new mindset.  HipFinity disrupts the payment industry as you know it.  We encourage you to think differently about everything that you want your solutions provider to be.  HipFinity is about YOU. 


Why HipFinity?

FIRE Gateway

It's Hot.  It's Fast.  It's Lit.  It'

The omni-commerce transaction gateway and payment software that smokes the competition. 


Go ahead, PUSH our buttons!

With HipFinity FIRE you can PUSH instant updates to your merchants devices at any time, for any reason, with the click of a button.  Software Updates,  Configurations, Key Loads, Processor Changes and more. 


  • Never again do you have to schedule time with your merchant to update their terminal software.

  • Never again will you have to walk your merchant through twenty button presses (and usually more than once).

  • Never again do you have to wish an auto update would actually BE an auto update.

  •  Never again will you spend hours of your life you'll never get back  troubleshooting download errors.

Never again  will you have to do another download!!

So go ahead and get PUSHY

Digital Payment Disruptors

Business Banking

Business Banking

What's in it for the business owner?


*HipFinity is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC.

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